Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Chathu's Classroom - Going off Early

The first blog contribution from Sri Lankan fashion icon (and the DeVito to my Schwarzenegger) Chathu has finally arrived. After a particularly tough day in a three piece suit in the Royal Randwick slop, Chathu had the following thoughts about Saturday's showcase race, the Doncaster Mile:

Going off Early 

Going off early never works.
Trying to get off the line too early at traffic lights to get ahead of the car next to you inevitably ends in you misjudging the lights, accelerating for no reason and stopping abruptly. In short, you look like a dick.
Going off early at the start of the 100m sprint can cost you a medal, and you feel like a dick. However back in the Matt Shirvington days your dicky-ness would pale into insignificance compared to what Shirvo would proudly display in his tight running attire.
Going off early at a concert - disaster. You know the guy, the one who only semi knows the band and jumps in early with every lyric. He looks like a dick.
I hear its not too popular in the bedroom either.
And going off too early in a wet Doncaster Mile on a handicapped More Joyous just did not work Nash Rawiller.
Now I, after my sizeable wager on aforementioned horse, look like ... (you guessed it) a dick.


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