Thursday, 28 April 2011

Chathu's Classroom - The NFL Draft

Despite the fact that NFL players and owners continue to squabble over money like Paul McCartney and Heather Mills, the 2011 Draft will still take place on Friday (Australian time) for teams to recruit America's most eligible young players. Note: I have no idea what the term 'lockout' actually means - the only thing I know about NFL management is that Ari Gold was looking into creating the LA Gold, but eventually got thwarted by that old bloke from Dallas in his fancy new stadium (one of the more horrendous acting performances on that show, which is a noteworthy achievement given Adrien Grenier and Kevin Connolly are the two stars).

Since arguably no Colombo born, Dapto & Wollongong raised, 21 year old medical student knows more about the NFL than Chathu, who better to provide top ten predictions than Tom Brady's #1 fan?

  1. Carolina: Cam Newton. The Panthers need a QB and some pulling power for crowds. Newton is a big boom-or-bust prospect but they need to take a chance in a tough division.
  2. Denver: Marcell Dareus. The Broncos were 31st in run defense last year, so Dareus will help there. As the others have fallen away, the Crimson Tide DE has risen to the top of the '11 class.
  3. Buffalo: Von Miller. While they need many things, a QB isn't one of them, so they'll go defense at 3. While their run defense is an issue, Miller will help in a division with Brady and Sanchez.
  4. Cincinatti: Blaine Gabbert. Carson Palmer looks to be on his way out and they've got no obvious replacement.
  5. Arizona: Robert Quinn. The offense stunk last year. The defense stunk last year. The fact that talent in this draft is front 7 determines this pick. Quinn runs Miller close as best pass rush option this year
  6. Cleveland: A.J Green. McCoy needs a target and Green is the best there is.
  7. San Fransisco: Patrick Peterson. A good run defense last year, the pass defense needs improvement. Great value for a #7 pick.
  8. Tennessee: Nick Fairley. The Titans will address QB in free agency whenever that may be. Despite his issues, Fairley has talent.
  9. Dallas: Nate Solder. The Cowboys can't afford for Romo to go down again - Solder is the best offensive lineman in the draft.
  10. Washington: Justin Houston. Gives Orakpo a partner in crime - no QB worth it here.
My great hope is that the Patriots will move up, but they won’t. My ideal picks will be Ryan Kerrigan DE (Purdue) at No. 17 and Anthony Costanzo/Danny Watkins at No. 28 depending on who’s available. 33 will be at a premium, we will get some value out of that for sure.


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