Saturday, 18 June 2011

Chathu's Classroom - The Stanley Cup Finals

Some thoughts on the Bruins first Stanley Cup in 39 years:

  • Tim Thomas deserved to win the Conn Smyth Trophy and will win the Vezina. He was near impenetrable, letting in only 8 goals in 7 games. Pink Floyd were so impressed with him that when Thomas was 5 they named their 3rd studio album and seminal work progressive rock after him.
  • Roberto Luongo on the other hand was more like a sponge. He could only absord so much, but eventually he leaks.
  • It may not be as good as this, but hearing the packed TD Garden sing Shipping Up to Boston is pretty awesome.
  • I'll be honest, after watching the Canucks leading up to the finals I was worried about the Sedin twins. But not only did the Bruins' 1st line of Seidenburg and Chara shut them down, the Sedins earned themselves the ''sisters'' tag. And there's nothing wrong with identical twin sisters from Sweden.
  • In general the Bruins outhit the Canucks. Someone should tell Vancouncer that you don't win physical battles by giving away embellishment penalites.
  • Brad Marchand went from 20 games with a lone assist and no goals last season to being Boston's most potent attacking weapon against the Canucks, with the highlight no doubt being his shorthanded goal in Game 3.
  • Like most cricket teams around the world, Boston were unimaginative and dull with their powerplay for all of the playoffs. While it was still fairly anaemic in the finals, the Bruins' penalty kill made their special teams look fantastic compared to the Canucks.
  • Kevin Bieksa is a champion. He was the only Canucks defenseman who contributed meaningfully on offense, an aspect in which the Bruins had a clear edge.
  • Zdeno Chara is now my number one favourite Slovakian athlete*.
  • If you're going to a game 7 at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, take public transport. Don't drive.


* Editor's note: Personally, I would still pick Daniela Hantuchova at #1 in my Slovak athlete Draft.

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