Monday, 2 May 2011

Chathu's Classroom - The Gold Coast Suns

Chathu has been manning the phones all week trying to get some expert opinion on the Gold Coast Suns, and his hours of hard-nosed investigative journalism has yielded:

The Gold Coast Suns Aren’t Very Good

In an exclusive interview with former Green Machine supremo (and one of the only blokes who can light a cigarette in the rain without an umbrella) Laurie Daley, SneakySportsDrivel can reveal that Daley believes the newest addition to the AFL - the Gold Coast Suns - are not very good. 

Known for his insightful commentary and rare ability to never saying anything bleedingly obvious, Daley was quoted as saying “Look, they may only 2 points behind 8th placed Melbourne, but the truth is their results probably indicate they aren’t a great team”.

Ranjit Fernando, famous Sri Lankan cricket commentator also well known for his capacity to provide insightful statements agrees: “While the Gold Coast may have won had they kicked more goals than Essendon, their ability to score less points than their opposition is costing them games and I think this is why they aren't considered good”. 

And when your first quarter score looks more like the state-of-play at lunch on Day 1 at the SCG, you’d probably have to agree they're just not very good.


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